Principal Investigator

Seungmoon Song
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering[at]
since Jan 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chun Kwang Tan
Mechanical Engineering
since Feb 2023

Fabio Izzi
Mechanical Engineering
since March 2024

Doctoral Students

Saleh Faghfoorian
Mechanical Engineering
since Sep 2023

Rish Rastogi
Mechanical Engineering
since Sep 2023

Master’s Students

Jayston Menezes
Mechanical Engineering
since May 2022

Vincent Ton
Mechanical Engineering
since Sep 2023

Undergraduate Students

Ezekiel Kaplan
Mechanical Engineering
since May 2023

Visiting Students

Onorato d'Angelis
Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Italia
since Feb 2023

Highschool Research Interns

Chinmayi Goyal
Yorktown High School, NY
since Jan 2023

NeuMove is seeking members enthusiastic about
neuromechanical simulation, motor control,
leg exoskeletons, rehabilitation robotics,
gait experiments, biomechanics,
deep reinforcement learning, machine learning.

Find potential projects below,
and send your CV to [email protected]
to further discuss.

If you’re a Northeastern undergraduate or Master’s student,
you can get involved with our lab through specialized study groups.
After excelling in these groups over one or two semesters,
you will be invited to join our lab
and contribute to ongoing projects or possibly start your own.

Potential projects:

1. Deep reinforcement learning to model human locomotion control
  • Keywords: motor control, neuromechanical simulation, deep reinforcement learning, open-source software development, organizing academic competition
  • Example tasks
    • Develop RL frameworks for training physiologically plausible motor control models
    • Develop open-source neuromechanical simulation environments
    • Organize academic RL competitions and workshops
  • Related links:

2. Predictive simulation framework for gait assistive exoskeletons
  • Keywords: rehabilitation robotics, biomechanics, leg exoskeleton, gait analysis, predictive neuromechanical simulation
  • Example tasks
    • Develop customizable predictive neuromechanical simulation frameworks
    • Conduct exoskeleton gait experiments to validate simulation predictions
    • Develop and optimize exoskeleton controllers in simulation
  • Related links:

3. Virtual neuromuscular control (VNMC) for versatile gait assistive exoskeletons
  • Keywords: neuromuscular control, rehabilitation robotics, biomechanics, leg exoskeleton, gait analysis
  • Example tasks
    • VNMC: Convert human neuromechanical simulations to exoskeleton controllers
    • Develop and control leg exoskeletons
    • Conduct exoskeleton gait experiments in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Related links:
    • Paper 1: VNMC for a bipedal robot
    • Paper 2: human locomotion control model, neuromechanical simulation

Master’s Student Alumni

Guangping Liu
Mechanical Engineering
May 2022 - Sep 2023